St Stephens C of E Primary School

St Stephens C of E Primary School

"We put in a particular request for “old fashioned” wooden desks with lids, and although it took Gordon some time, he provided us with exactly what we wanted. He has always been very accommodating in trying to find what we wanted and was very helpful in suggesting alternatives that worked.

We were helped by the fact Premier's warehouse is opposite the school and we made several trips there to examine the furniture before we finally committed to it. Gordon was always ready to help and advise us.

During the actual move in to the new building Premier acted in a most professional manner with Steve, the delivery man, always willing to work with suppliers, and teaching staff, to ensure the classrooms were ready for the children. In fact Steve almost became a regular member of staff he spent so much time with us!

After the move Gordon still worked with us and the delightful appearance of our school is, in many ways, due to the high quality of their products and the skill with which we were advised so that we received the correct and appropriate furniture”

Eileen Don        
Head Teacher